£10m convoy of amazing automobiles in Burnham Market for the Hoste Supercar and Classic Car Club

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From the growl of a modern Maserati to the nostalgic majesty of a 1910 Rolls Royce, there was plenty for petrol-heads to admire on a Burnham Market hotel car park in May.

But despite the vehicular variety on show at the Hoste Supercar and Classic Car Club, there was one thing which united all the drivers – an all-consuming passion for the world’s finest automobiles.

More than 30 cars worth an estimated £10m drove away from the Hoste for the fifth annual rally around the north Norfolk countryside, including evocative names like Ferrari, Porsche, and Jaguar.

Brendan Hopkins owner of the Hoste said: “When our dear old friend Paul Whittome started it all off I was the secretary, so I’ve been involved in it from day one, and when we bought the hotel two years ago we wanted the event to carry on.

“This year we have got 32 cars and those are people who have been to stay at the Hoste who have brought a special car with them, and we have said: ‘Why don’t you come back for our rally?’ There is not one single make that dominates, there are some classics here and some supercars, but the main thing is that we all love cars.”

Before the supercar convoy departed, a prize-giving ceremony was held in the Hoste car park. Judges agreed that the best post-1970s supercar was a Ferrari 458 Spider owned by Simon Whitworth, and the best pre-1970 supercar was a 1958 Jaguar XK150, owned by Mervyn and Jane Waite.



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