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BNB Leisure Limited will not use cookies to collect information that could identify you personally during your visit to our site, unless you make a booking online or order goods from us. A list of the cookies that we use when you visit our site is contained in the table below.

In summary, we use cookies to enhance your visit to our site, including, should you wish, to book rooms or purchase goods through this site, the placing of an essential cookie on your device (to allow our site to remember what items you would like to purchase while you browse).

Therefore if you decline the use of cookies on our site and subsequently wish to purchase goods or book a room we will place an essential cookie to allow you to do this, but there may be some loss of other functionality on the website. However should you use your browser to restrict or delete cookies you will be unable to book rooms, purchase goods and may experience loss of functionality.

Please be aware that, in order to help us understand how many visitors we have, to which pages and to help us develop future improvements to our site, we use Google Analytics (3rd party) who will place cookies on your device. Google provide a “tracking prevention add-on” for most browsers, this requires the user to go to Google and install the add-on on each browser they use. For more information on Google cookies we recommend you visit the Google website which outlines Google’s privacy policy and how to opt-out of tracking.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed onto the hardware device which you use to browse the internet (e.g. your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet, your “device”) by websites that you visit. Cookies contain information about your visit(s) to that website and the purpose of the cookie is to enable the website to remember you when you visit it again in the future.

You can control the use of cookies on your device by using the settings in your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). For more detailed information about cookies (including how to manage their use via your browser) go to

Please be aware that if you restrict the use of cookies on your device this may reduce the functionality of websites that you visit.

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